Tuesday, August 28, 2007

3 years of blogging and daydreaming....

My official 3 year blogiversary was August 23rd. It was eclipsed by sock knitting. No big surprise there. I'm pretty confidant in reaching my goal - considering we have a long week coming up (whoo hoo!). I'm planning on finishing my trekking socks this week, along with a pair of socks for me out of heavy weight STR. Then, I'll have 2 pair to go. I'm thinking another pair of Denmark socks (this time for me) and then maybe a pair of Sidewinders? Amanda made a pair and she loves them A LOT. She may pressure me into them. Otherwise, I'll just finish up my 'Nerd Socks'.

Socks may be what I'm doing for the next 3 weeks, but after that? I'm super excited to get back to my UFO's from before the sock bet. I also am going to cast on for a few new projects. Here they are (in order of can't wait to knit):
  1. Moderne Log Cabin blanket (actually available for free on amazon, but I have the book, Mason Dixon Knitting). Like I mentioned before - I saw someone knitting one of these, and totally fell in love. I'm using Socks that Rock Heavy weight to make it - and it has shipped!
  2. Maple Leaf Shawl - I really want to wear this to a wedding I'm going to in October. So this is going back up to the top of the list.
  3. Lascala. I was having fun knitting this - would love to have it finished in time for shawl weather
  4. MS3. I really want to finish this! I'm still deciding on doing the wing or not
  5. Notre Dame - I really want a new sweater for myself for the fall
  6. Hermione's cable-and-bobble hat and Mittens
  7. Scarf out of my new chenille
  8. Possibly a shawl for my MIL for her 60th birthday. We'll see if I can find something that I'm willing to knit that won't make me angry.
  9. My Cabled Wrap, which went on hold once I realized I won't finish in time to wear it in the spring.

Wow - that is enough knitting to get me to the end of the year without needing to cast on for anything new. Yeah right. Like that's gonna happen.



Happy Blogiversary!

see you soon!


Wow the big 3! Happy belated blogiversay.

Hope you get caught up on your knitting. It can be a bit overwhelming to have so many projects going at once.


The sock progress is amazing, but your 'to do' list is making me tired ;-)

Happy blogiversary!