Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It's the summer of S! Socks and Stoles! Well, only one stole... but I'm making a lot of progress.

After looking at the poll on yahoo group - looks like I'm one of the few that decided to lengthen the stole. Her lengthening option adds 11 inches to an approx 75 inch finished garment. For me, I think this will be perfect - I just hope it doesn't take away from the design. With my big shoulders (thank you, 17 years of competitive swimming) oftentimes a shawl will be great in the length from top to bottom, but it tends to just 'perch' on my shoulders. I've only been knitting larger shawls lately to deal with this (or make them larger than the pattern calls for, and having nervous fits about running out of yarn).

I'm also totally excited to see what the theme for this stole is - am I a dork or what? She had us put a lifeline it at row 287 (or for me, the SECOND row 287)... I can tell you now - I'm totally NOT ripping back to there! But - I'm wondering if maybe we are adding more beading? Or someone on the yahoo group mentioned maybe dragon wings!?



Wow. Beautiful stole!


It's looking lovely, Cece :)


It's lovely and you have knitted so much!! I don't think youre dorky at all!!! Dragon wings would be great.