Saturday, April 07, 2007

Vacation Prep

Well, just getting a few loose ends tied up before we head out super early tomorrow for Portland, OR - and then the BMFA Sock Camp! Of course, some of the highest priorities when traveling is figuring which projects to bring. I've decided to start the 'Wrap Yourself in Nature' wrap from Inspired Cable Knits:

Love it. Love the cables, and the yarn (Baby Alpaca)! This is a great knit for those long boring hours on the plane.

I'm also bringing the other half of my Waterfall Scarf, my Figure 8 Shawl, Aaron's hat, and my second Bird of Paradise sock. That seems like enough variety - and if I run out of things to do - I can buy some BMFA yarn!!!

Posting may or may not happen next week - but I promise to take lots of pictures!



It looks lovely. Have a great holiday.


I am sad it is rainy here this week. I hope you get sunshine!



Cece- I misssss you already!


Great picture of you and that yummy sweater on the Harlot's blog!


Hi, I saw you and Marmalade on the Yarn Harlot - great picture. Sounds like camp was lots of fun, whales or no whales.