Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yarn makes me smile

My current knitting isn't very exciting - I'm close to getting back to where I was before I ripped out the Trekking sock (although I still love the yarn and pattern even though I needed to rip, so that is saying a lot). What's a girl to do? Buy yarn!

I went to Loopy Yarns - mostly to get some Lorna's Lace solids... but they didn't really have any. But they did have this neat purple and brown yarn which is called 'Loopy' - their very own colorway! I had to have it, of course. I finally broke down and got some tofusies... and the cotton chenille? On sale for 20% off. What knitter could resist, honestly?



I love the colorway of the tofutsies! I have a skein of my own that I am saving for something special.


love the colours. I am dying to buy more yarn for things I see, but I am still trying to clear the floor in this room.


Hope you are having fun in Chicago. Is the brown and periwinkle yarn for me?



Great meeting you last night! So glad you joined us. Good luck with WINNING your bet!