Thursday, August 30, 2007

I am SO sick of socks.

One of the things that has kept me going on this sock bet, is not only will I win the bet with Aaron, but I figured that I would be in contention for the Summer of Socks 'most socks knitted' contest. Cookie, at Shut up and Knit, has knit 29 pairs of socks!!! That is an unbelievable amount of socks. If I hadn't taken the whole month of June off, I could have probably made it to 20 pairs - but honestly? I'm totally sick of knitting socks. I like to knit a bunch of different things - sticking to just socks is killing me! At least I'll have a huge sock wardrobe at the end of this!Here is pair 14:

These are the Friday Harbor Socks from Knitting on the Road... like to see a side view?
After loving the other 2 pairs that I knit out of this book, I was a little disappointed in this pair. Some of it was my fault. I needed to tweak the sizing a bit for my size (Lucia, for your reference - I wear a size 11 shoe - and my ankle is 10.5 inches around, and the ball of my foot is 10 inches around - so yes. I have REALLY BIG FEET.) Also - I used STR heavy weight. I went up to a size three needle (since I'm a very loose knitter - for normal knitters is like using a 5). My big beef with the actual pattern is that to do the cuff patterning correctly, you need to take a stitch from the first needle to complete the stitch pattern on the 3rd. If doesn't mention that anywhere on the pattern, and I messed up on the first sock until I noticed.

The other reasons I'm not in love with it are purely my own fault. It has a star toe, so since I went up in needles size and yarn weight, the toe is super long. And I guess I just am not a fan of thick socks! Even though it's slow going knitting size 11 wides on size 0 needles, it's what I like to wear! Although, now that I have these knit up, I bet I will wear them often this winter in boots.

After I finished up those socks, I just couldn't bear knitting on another sock. So, I cast on for my Moderne Log Cabin blanket. Ohhhh how I love it:

Look at how awesome that STR looks in a big knitted block.

Back and forth garter stitch, baby.



CeCe, if it's any comfort, you are not alone. I am so over socks. I've been dreaming about lace for a few weeks now.

I keep telling myself that winter is coming and I'll love the socks then. We'll see. ;^)


uh - how about some baby socks?? :)


Wow- I love that orange yarn- looks so great in garter stitch!


I'm also tired of making socks - and I'm no where near what you've done this summer! Like the new ones - very pretty!


I love the colors you've chosen for your Log Cabin! Looking forward to watching it grow! I'm on section 9 of mine - only 90 more garter ridges to go before the border!


What I can't believe is that you have chosen such beautiful, complicated sock patterns - I think if it were a bet, I would be tempted to knit quick easy socks!