Monday, May 08, 2006

Cross Crafting

So, you know how athletes will 'cross train' in order to not injure themselves? Well, I've noticed that many of us knitters practice 'cross crafting'! I wonder if it is because once you start making knit items on your own, you realize that making things by hand is more satisfying than buying them? Or is it just that knitters are more crafty?

Who knows. But I love that term, and I did a lot of cross crafting this weekend! I only have a picture of the knitting. Here is the sweater that I am making my MIL. Remember that trade plan I made with her in October? I have finally started her sweater - this is the back:

I'm making Jarngerd for her out of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK. She has originally wanted this complicated cabled sweater - but the yarn and color choice she made just didn't work with cables. This sweater is basically a broken rib pattern all over - with a cable on each cuff, and around the edges of the cardigan. It's supposed to be a longer sweater - 30 inches - but I'm shortening it to be a 'normal' length (like 24 inches). And - I've set myself a deadline, so I can just be done with it, of July 4th weekend - as we are going to visit her then.

I'm not enjoying knitting this at all. Maybe it's because the yarn is so slippery, or it's not a color I love, or I just feel too much pressure to make it, or maybe because I know that she only wants one because I made her mother a sweater recently.... but I'm not feeling the sweater love.

Which means, of course, that I was easily distracted from it. I don't have pictures yet, but I finished up the blocks and put together the Pineapple quilt. That only needs borders and it is ready to go to the quilter. I also finished up the Mother's Day scarves and packed them for shipping.

Lots of cross-crafting getting done here this weekend (sewing, knitting, quilting). What about you? Have a fun weekend?

PS - anyone notice that the Yarn Harlot left me a comment yesterday! A famous knitter read my blog!



Sometimes deadline knitting can be the worst. I hope the sweater goes quickly. Think how good you will feel when it's done!


As you know I despise deadline knitting, so why do we always end up doing it at some point. I have no idea.

I guess if you counted spinning as cross crafting, I do partake. Although since I learned to knit, any other crafty aspect of life has gone by the wayside. Mostly because before this my crafts were never that good, and definitely not useful like knitting.


Hi! It's your Tea Swap pal!

I hope you're doing well! I like your blog and I know what you feel about deadline knitting.

Please let me know if there's any tea or yarn you particularly like. You can reach me at skp at zombiegopher dot com.


Wow you are famous now girl.


Gee, mostly it's just current and ex husbands and others of that ilk commenting on mine...

By the way check out Knittunes (google it-I 'm tired!) for walking and knitting fun on your pod.


Ooh- I had not yet looked at the item MIL is promising to make you for the trade. Is she really going to do it? It's super cool and I want to make one, now, too! As for deadline knitting, I ALWAYS feel like I'm deadline knitting, because I always feel like, "gotta finish RIGHT AWAY!!!" Lame, I know.