Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Memory Card Error

That is what my digital camera was telling me every time I tried to take a picture at Rhinebeck. Sigh. So, no pictures. But I can tell you about the fun!

We started at Nancy's Airfield Cafe for breakfast - yummy and wonderful as usual. It was pouring rain - but what's a little water to stop the fun? We drove first to Knit Witts - where I made the plunge and bought myself a Vivian Hoxbro Trip Trap Jacket kit. I always pick up her kits and think how neat they are, but this time - I bought it! I also got a little bit of sock yarn, and the book Not Just Socks. I'm already planning my first pair of gloves. I give that store a thumbs up - the woman who owns it is fun and she has a lot of great stuff. The store is in her basement, and a bit off the beaten track - but worth the trip.

We then continued onto Lenox, where we stopped at Colorful Stiches. This is a rather fancy yarn store, and since I was saving most of my money for Rhinebeck - I only got one ball of yarn there - some bulky hand-dyed for a hat. We finished up the day at Wonderful Things, in Great Barrington. I've been there once before - and man does that store have EVERYTHING! I got more hat yarn, and Pony Pearl dpns for 50% off.

Why all the hat yarn you may ask. I only own ONE knitted hat! What is up with that? I'll be fixing that problem in the next month or so.

Saturday - we woke up and it was still raining. Laurie called her husband who told us that the rain should stop by 11 AM - so we continued on. Rhinebeck was wonderful. Lots of beautiful yarns, sheep, and people! I got a minimal amount of yarn - but I got a fabulous felted wall hanging - with what else - fish on it! When the camera is fixed, I'll post pictures, I promise. We got to say a quick hi to Risa, Cate and Sara . But - we were very tired from driving and yarning, so packed up and got home.

Sunday - I went to one more yarn store! This time, it was with my Mother-in-Law - to Knitting Central . We are doing a New Year's trade. I'm making her a sweater, and she is making me the Carnival crocheted wrap from Rowan Classic Holiday Spring/Summer 2005 that I've wanted since I've seen it. I'm making her the Broadway sweater from Rowan Classic Cafe Spring Summer 2005. I'm excited! I haven't even made a Rowan design before (since their largest size is usually only 40") - so this will be fun.

Today I'm back at work for the first time in over a week - gotta get back to it.



Looked for your sweater, but didn't see you. I'd be bummed about the memory card error too~I left my camera at home so I didn't even have a chance to get any photos.
Glad you had a good time!


Oh bummer on the memory card! I ashamedly had a working camera, just didn't take it out. Oops. It was great seeing you again! Glad you had a good time.


Sounds like a wonderful time, all that yarn, I may have fainted from over stimulation.


Hi Cece - heard you are keen to meet Our Tribe.....contact me soon.