Monday, April 03, 2006

Quilting Retreat

This weekend was truly wonderful. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that every April and November, I go with a big group of quilters to Portsmouth, NH and spend the weekend quilting. My friend Karen puts this whole show on, and basically you pay a fee, and for that you get 2 nights lodging, dinner, 2 breakfasts and a lunch... and a room to just sit and sew away all day. For people who don't sew - they don't understand. But for those of us who do, just sitting and sewing and having no other worries? It's heaven.

I have made some pretty great people through quilting (just as I have with knitting). The people I took my 'Beginner Quilting' class with - we still get together every 2 weeks and sew! Here is Amanda - looking like most of us did all weekend - smiling and sewing:

What did I work on? Well, besides a crazy amount of fabric shopping... I worked on a quilt that I have always wanted to make for myself - a Pineapple Block quilt.

As usual, it's hard to understand what the finished product will look like - but I am very close to being ready to put this together... just a few more pieces to sew on, and then I will show you!

It's so hard to write about this weekend, because it was just so fun, and you can't capture the friendship, fun and laughter in words - but trust me, I've already given in my check for November.

Knitting? No knitting whatsoever got done this weekend.



I'm glad you had fun. The pineapple block is beautiful! Are you making more blocks or just the one?


The block looks great, I can't wait to see it all done up. I'm glad you had such a lovely time!


Oh I just love quilts, however I could never sew them, I'm horrible at that kind of artistic eye. My sister and aunts are amazing though. I'm very envious of your skill.

Just beautiful!


So far it looks good, can't wait to see the finished product


excellent - it looks like just great fun :-)


Ooh, Pineappletastic! I have something pineappley, too... but it is actually a real pineapple. Less good to snuggle up underneath on a chilly evening, unless you are hungry. For pineapple. If you are hungry for butterscotch pudding, a pineapple won't do you much good at all, unless you can trade it for some pudding. Yay pineapples!


Blue!! Wonderful colors - such talent! We need more girl groups like yours - fun fun fun!