Thursday, April 27, 2006

No more guests.

Yesterday, my mother left. She was staying with us for a few days while she was in the area for a seminar. As I was driving around doing errands last night, I realized something. We have had a family member staying in our house for 13 out of the past 19 days. I declare this hotel CLOSED.

I haven't been doing too much knitting this week, but I was able to get to go to my quilting/sewing class last night. I was only able to stay an hour (since I had banjo lessons) but I was able to whip up three of the four presents I'm making for Mother's Day:

Easy, 'pillowcase' type shawls (like the first one I made) out of beautiful embossed velvet fabric I got at Portsmouth Fabric. I think that they'll be a big hit!

This morning I did a nice 5 mile walk before I came into work - and it finally felt great the whole walk. No shin splints, just a nice 'wake up' walk around town. And - all this walking is paying off - I've lost 8 pounds!
Tomorrow night, I'm having a little party at my house - a few knitting friends are coming over... maybe I'll get to work on the DFS a bit.



Those scarves are gorgeous! And congrats on the weight loss!


Good for you! I've been inspired this week and I've joined the Y.


Wow 8 pounds great! Keep up the good work.


way to go on the walking. i am having trouble just finding a few spare moments at a time. today's chore, trying to walk while waiting for kid soccer practice. wish me luck!


congrats on the mileage and weight loss!


Sigh! The things you can do without kids!

(No really -I shouldn't say that because you can make time for anything if you really want to do it enough - I should have said the things you can do if you are not 8plus months pregnant!! I'll be out with the pram ASAP after she's born.)

It looks loke you had a FUN!! time at harlot and your shawls look really good. Sometimes sewing is a tiny bit faster than
:-) Stripey


"This morning I did a nice 5 mile walk before I came into work - and it finally felt great the whole walk"-Good for you, Cece.

It mirrors my own Friday mornings. Yep. I could right something like "This morning I watched Noah get on the bus and then pulled the covers up and fell asleep reading a novel until my friend Karen called and we met for lunch and then I went home and took a little cat nao to fortfy me before the kids came home...." Oh,maybe I should just shut up and walk.