Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weekend knitting, part one.

Well, this has been a very busy weekend (my mother is visiting, I saw the Vagina Monologues with some friends, and we peeled wallpaper) but I did manage to get some knitting done.

First - here is the beginning of my Olympic Knitting:

I managed to get in a conference room at work for a few hours (conveniently had a bunch of phone meetings in the afternoon!). It's hard to capture the texture of the baby cable in the tweedy yarn - maybe I'll get a better picture when the sun comes out. The pattern is easy, and still loving the yarn!

But, the biggest news in my knitting weekend is the completion of Grandma's Birthday sweater. I had all of the pieces done as of Thursday, so the big piece for me was getting the 'button' band (well, really the zipper band, as I changed that part of the design) knit in. Since I lengthened the body of the sweater, and didn't want to have the shawl collar that the pattern called for, I just started picking up stitches with the rule of 3 stitches in 4 rows. I knit in K2 P2 ribbing for about an inch - and decided that was just right.

It was great that my mom was visiting, as she put in the zipper for me - and, she tried on the sweater for the fashion shoot. We are having a big Nor'easter here, so it was hard to get good shots, but I tried! First, the front:

Then, the back:

Here is the best shot of the pattern, and a close up of Mom's expert zipper placement:

Yarn: Mission Falls 1825 Wool
Pattern: The Faye Jacket, from the pattern book Decade, by Mission Falls
Needles: Size 5 and 7.
Started on Jan 18, Finished on Feb 12th

The good news is that Aaron's Grandma is about a size 14, and my mom is a size 10ish - so looks like it's going to fit just right! I'll FedEx it over night tomorrow, so it will arrive just in time for her birthday on Tuesday.

Tonight, I'll work some more on the Olympic Sweater - so tomorrow I'll post 'Weekend Knitting, part 2' - to show the progress on that.



The sweater turned out great!

I can see all the snow you're getting through the window.
Snowed in = Knitting time!


Absolutely Fabulous! Ya done good. Maybe Grandma will model it for a photo shoot?


WOW. That looks amazing and the zipper is perfect.



great job on your Grandma's sweater!! bravissimo darling!


OH... and it has a zipper. Yowza!!! Great work - I stand in awe!!


Oh it turned out beautifully! YOur grandma is going to be so proud to wear that!


Totally gorgeous. That's one lucky grandma!


Beautiful job, Cece!


The jacket is really beautiful! I see you did a great job on it too! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.


Beautiful. Wow your work is quite impressive. You did that in record time. I am truly impressed!