Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Babies in handknits

Not much to report today, but I did take a huge amount of pictures of the gang in their handknits. Enjoy!

Here is Cam wearing a pair of his handknit socks:

Both kids in handknit sweaters. Cam is in the one I just finished, Maggie is in a hand-me-down that I knitted a long time back and gave to a friend:

A few more shots of the new Cam sweater in action:

"Tell me more Mama, I'm taking notes!"



Oh! Those socks are sooo cute as are the sweaters! Maggie is getting so big.


They are so adorable together. I'm lovin' the socks!!! I'm thinking of making some for my girls this fall.


So cute, the kids and the knits! One question, how does Cam do walking in his spectacular socks? I really want to make some for my daughter but mine handknit socks seem slippery and I'm not sure how she would do with them. Any advice?


Cam looks soo grown up in that last picture!! Both kids are adorable.


I see what you were saying - so grown up and writing! As I keep saying, soooo cute!