Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm a winner!

On Tuesday, I made a stop into my favorite yarn store's new location! I met a few friends there, and got myself some buttons, and entered the raffle. When I heard that the Woolpack was moving to Acton, I had mixed feelings. The old place was so cute - and if you can believe it - I have such good memories of that store! I even remember how much fun they were when I first stopped by - the first yarn I bought (some purple and green yarn for a sweater for my niece), Cam crawling up their ramp, bringing Maggie to meet her fan club... But, I must admit, although resistant to change - I do like the new store a lot. It's nice and open, plenty of space, good parking and 5 minutes closer to my house.

Yesterday I had a pretty shitty day. I was sad in general (as happens sometimes), but I also managed to get a flat tire. And realized that I needed to spend $500+ on a whole new set of tires. My phone rang, and it's Janet telling me I won the raffle! A new Namaste bag!

It's the Namaste Hip Holster:It comes in two colors, this blue and also black. I decided to get the black one (I sorely wanted the blue, but I know I will use the black more). This is something I would have never bought myself - and I find it may just be the perfect bag! It's small, but easily fits a small knitting project + iPhone + wallet + keys. Nice long strap, and if I need the diaper bag, it'll fit in there well.

Thanks Janet for making my shitty day better.



OH man! That is a sweet purse.


Congratulations!! I'm so happy you won.


Congrats! Love the bag!