Friday, September 17, 2010


Well. It's set. I'm doing a yarn crawl to Rhinebeck with two of my old tribe buddies - Amysue and Marti! Marti is coming all the way from the west coast, and I have to show her a good time! We are going to start at Webs, move onto Colorful Stitches, and finish at Wonderful Things. We'll sleep at the cabin, and then off to Rhinebeck Sunday morning!

Add to this excitement, Aaron told me that I should just go. He'll take the kids for the weekend. So - it's my first time away from both kids. Ever. How will I pee without Cam handing me my toilet paper? How will I eat my dinner without Maggie 'helping?'. Who will make my coffee?

Somehow, I'll figure it out.



Have lots of fun, Cece. It will be good for you.


Go and have a great time. Rhinebeck looks a great place to be.(I google it some time back)