Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mission Possible!

I've found that in the past year, I've gotten out of my habit of making to-do lists. Not only do they help me see what I have in front of my to do, but they also give me a sense of satisfaction to cross things off. When I saw JenLa's idea for Mission Possible I knew I had to sign up. I have a rather substantial stash. I think about certain items often, but never get around to knitting with them. And others that I may need to bite the bullet on and just give up on. I'm not 100% on my list yet, but I already got one off! Here it is so far:

1. Little Edo jacket. This is on the blocking board as we speak. The yarn is so beautiful, but I was reluctant to knit it because the description said 'cropped' jacket. Not the most flattering look for me. I needed to shit or get off the pot in this one. So I shat. : )
2. Do something with my red tweed Cascade alpaca/wool mix yarn. That freaking yarn has been SCREAMING at me from the yarn room for a few months now. I brought enough for a sweater back on my first ever visit to Webs, thinking that I could do 'something' with it. I'm fluctuating between Mason-Dixon's Perfect Sweater (pdf link) and an Eris. I'm leaning towards the Perfect Sweater right now.
3. Finish the sleeves on my freaking BPT sweater that I started on my China trip in 2004.
4. Finish my Kauni - just the the sleeves to go!
5. Finish my Cabled Wrap (I'd like to get this done in time for the spring)
6. The Bed Jacket from Knitting Lingerie Style
7. Make the Unoriginal Hat from the rainbow super chunky yarn that Tarsha gave me (that I've tried to make into 3 other hats previously)
8. Make the purple quilt for my bedroom. I know this is a fabric thing, but to me it's the same!
9 - 12. These are all going to be socks, just not sure which ones. I'm organizing my yarn room this weekend, and I'll figure it out then. I know for sure one will be the Smooshy yarn I bought on my Maine trip, and another will be some of the Opal I have in my stash. The other two will probably be STR. Just need to define the actual yarn!

Things that didn't make the list are Lascalla and my Moderne Log Cabin blanket. Not because I don't plan on working on them, but because I'm not willing to give them away to charity if I don't finish by the end of 2008! I love them too much.



Eris! I remember that pattern. Sorry we never managed to knit it together when we were roomies.


I know that I should. I know that I can. 12 UFO's. Hm. I just might WANT to.

Thanks for the inspiration.