Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pretty Bird

Good news on the lace blocking front - I was able to get that sweater to exactly the size I want. It seems perfect on the blocking board. I'm going to leave it on there for a few more days.

In other news, Aaron has had a killer headache for a week now - brought on by all the stress we've been having, and then made worse by he blood pressure going crazy high (thanks to the headache pain). Let just say it's been another stressful week at Chez Moi... which I tried to fix by knitting pretty things. I started my Bird in Hand Mittens!

They look kind of huge to me on the needles - but when I try them on, they are wonderful mitten 'gaunlets' with a not too tight, not to loose fit. And they are pretty!

Now that they have finally figured out what is wrong with Aaron, hopefully the headache will go away, and we can get back to normal around here.

"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises" , right EZ?



The mittens look wonderful! So sorry to hear about all the not so good things going on. I'm hoping this is the last of it and you'll both have decades of good news from here on out. Give my love to Aaron, and I hope he feels better soon.


Beautiful mitten! If you get to normal, would you please send me directions? Seriously, I hope Aaron feels better.


They aren't just pretty, they are gorgeous, Cece!

And make Aaron stay on top of that BP and the headaches! Don't want to mess around with that kind of stuff!