Thursday, January 10, 2008


I cannot tell you how in love I am with my Bird in Hand mittens. It's ridiculous. I finished the first mitten, and the little birdie would like to say hi to everyone!I know it's a crappy iPhone picture, but when I asked Aaron to help me take a picture this morning, he was like - but you aren't done? It's only one mitten!

One beautiful, wonderful, perfect, adorable mitten that I bring with me everywhere and show everyone even though it's freaking 60 degrees here. Geez. Doesn't he understand ANYTHING!?

Gotta get back to knitting mitten #2 so I can wear these the second the temperature drops to where it should be in January. I'm considering buying a new winter coat just to match my beloved mittens.

PS: I can't take credit for the embroidery - Colleen did it for me last night at our neighborhood knit night. I tried more than a few times, and it just looked stupid. Colleen made it look freaking perfect.



Ah, husbands, how we love them. Is his head better yet? I sure hope so.

Yeah, the weather is pretty weird. I can't help enjoying it even as I worry about the polar ice caps.


adorable, but please a non blurry picture. they look great. love the color! cw