Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Knitting, just not blogging

Hey! Bet you all thought I totally disappeared! I'm back. This has been a crazy week with all my doctors appointments and such. Since I've been driving into Boston almost ever other day, and spending a lot of time in waiting rooms, I made a huge amount of progress on my Kauni Cardi:

I'm well past the armholes, and close to splitting for the neck. I know I said I would knit on the Cabled Wrap, but this sweater is totally addictive. I want to see what the next color change will look like, or just knit a little more to finish a repeat - and carrying this thing around? Random strangers will see it peeking out of my bag and comment on it!

I'm getting nervous as I get close to starting the arms (and the dreaded steeking) but I'm sure it will be totally fine. The yarn is so thin... I'm guessing this is going to be a perfect addition to my sweater wardrobe, not to hot, not to cold and really funky looking!



It looks splendiferous. Hope all the appointments went well.


Wow - your sweater looks fabulous! You've made an incredible amount of progress. Hope your appts went well - it can be rough.

Coffee Swap Pal - Kati


I love that sweater! I've never caught a glimpse of the hem before though, what a nice touch.


Sigh. I haven't even cast on yet.


which colorway did you use for your kauni?

and.... so very much good luck in your fertility journey.... so hard. so much riding on it. best of luck.