Friday, July 06, 2007

Monkey's off my back!

Well! Up to pair 5. 12 to go! Which means I need to knit a pair a week going forward.... I can't believe you guys got Aaron to comment on my blog! For the first time ever! But honestly, I wouldn't cheat. If you all remember, the reason for the bet was because I have a large amount of very nice sock yarn, and I declared it time for a Sock Era. The bet was an offshoot. I really want to knit all this nice yarn, I swear.

: )

Last night, I finished up my Monkey's.

Knitting on these stalled back in May, when I was almost done with the first sock, and I discovered I wouldn't be able to get it over my heel. For the first time ever, I decided to rip out a sock. Normally, I would finish up the pair, and give them away as a gift. But I love this yarn so much - I upsized the pattern, and started again.

Pattern - Monkey socks by Cookie
Yarn - Sweet Georgia, Kissed colorway.
Thoughts - totally addicting pattern. The reason I made it so far without realizing just how small they were is because the lace pattern was so much fun! To make them wider, I just added an extra purl stitch onto each end of the lace pattern, upping my final stitch count to 72. And then adjusting the heel accordingly.



Those monkeys are totally addicting aren't they?


Dang, Sweet Georgia isn't accepting orders right now. I may have to do something about this myself -- those pinks are to dye for.


I'm on my second pair of Monkeys - I love this pattern! Yours are so cute - love the yarn!