Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Let's see what I accomplished:

Based on the list I left myself with on Thursday...

1. Go for walks DONE! Two 6 mile walks, one 3 mile walk

2. Swim in the lake DONE! This was a little bit harder - it was COLD up 'on the mountain' (as Aaron likes to say). On one of the colder days, I did go knit at my favorite beach:

And the weather was finally warm enough for a quick dip yesterday.

3. Go to Webs. DONE! Bought myself some silk. Yummy hand dyed silk.

4. Make my stepmother's mother's day present: DONE!
I like it so much that I'm going to make another for my Mom. Just need to be in the mood again.

5. Knit on my maple leaf shawl. DONE! This is still a pretty complicated pattern, but I love the way its' turning out.

6. Finish up some socks: DONE! My toe up anklets were finished on the drive up, and the STR June SOTM month were finished on Monday night. This gets me to 4 (actually very close to 5, as the Monkey's are almost to the toe of the second sock) out of the 17 that I need to finish by Sept 25th to win that bet with Aaron. That means 1 pair of socks a week from now forward. I have my doubts. But I DO NOT concede defeat!

Details for the Anklets: STR, Rare Gem colorway, size 0 needles, from the toe up, made up as I went along

Details on the STR June SOTM:

Pattern: Zig Zag socks, large size (on 85 sts), size 0 DPNs, knit top down. Awesome yarn colors, great pattern. I really really like the garter stitch heel - not so big a fan of the toe. But - as usual, fun to learn something new! I needed to break into my 'emergency yarn' (the little key chain they include with each shipment) to finish the final toe. SO - take that as a warning, larger footed SOTMers.

Yarn: STR Firebird colorway

7. Sleep in Kind of done. Almost impossible to sleep in with 3 dogs and a mom who really wants you to wake up all in a small cabin. But did stay in bed (or get back in after feeding and letting the dogs out) until 8 AM each day.

8. Watch fireworks. Not done. It's raining here.

9. Possibly start a new sweater. Nope. Was having more fun knitting on the socks and the shawl.

Back to work for a whole 2 day work week. Sigh. It's a hard life I lead.



Sounds wonderful - I'm having a week off work at the moment myself and apart from the rain it's fantastic. I love the colour of those STR socks too - they were well named!


If you get despearate and decide to cheat on item 6 - I can help knit a pair :) to meet the goal. Thanks again for the Webs hook up. Hope you've had a restful week.


sounds like you had a nice long weekend! i DID mail the extra firebird yarn in case the extra keychain's worth is not enough!


Sukey, I don't think it is ethical for her to even consider cheating. Cece has done way to many amazing things in the time I've been with her to not thing she can do it on her own! (yepp, this is the husband)


Would it be cheating to buy a Barbie doll and knit it lots of socks?


The STR look great! I can't wait to finish mine!!!