Monday, July 09, 2007


Today, on my own orders, I took a mental health day. I've just survived 3 of the most hectic weeks in recent history - and even my mini-vacation last week had drama in it. Today, I called in and fully admitted that I wasn't really sick, just worn out. And I slept in, and spent the rest of the day working on MS3.

I'm halfway through clue 2. Pretty, no? I'm using 'crystal' clear beads, and Jaggerspun silk that I had in stash. I'm usually not such a sucker - but everyone is doing it - and I'm glad I joined! It's really fun!

Did I mention that my father and stepmother were visiting this weekend? Well, they were. We spent all afternoon on Saturday on a whale watch tour - and it was AWESOME! We found this little calf whale and it's mom - and he was by the side of the boat for 30 minutes flapping his tail and waving his fins - just amazing. I started up a plain vanilla sock to bring with me - using STR medium weight in Sherbet:

I started the second sock while Aaron and I watched the Transformers last night (more than meets the eyes!). Ha. I totally used to love that cartoon when I was a kid - and they did a good job of turning it in to a film. OK - off to my quilting group!



I'm trying to resist casting on for MS3, but it's getting harder and harder seeing all the beautiful stoles in blogland!


Love the striping on the vanilla sock! Can't wait to see what the end result of the shawl is. Funny how many people are doing it.


I think that's the prettiest MS3-in-progress I've seen yet! And the socks are fabulously bright.


Your MS3 is gorgeous! I'm in the Slow Bee group on that one, though.