Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Thoughts on the Sock Era

So - a lot of people asked yesterday just how long IS a Sock Era? So, I went upstairs, and dug through my stash. I had in mind several skeins of sock yarn that I always think about knitting - but they keep on getting pushed aside for SOTM socks.... then, I pulled out yarn that I forgot I had - and I still love.... and I ended up with this pile:

That is enough yarn for 17 pairs of socks. A few are NOT for me... but most are. You see, besides the fact that I love knitting socks, I have more than a few dying pairs in the sock stash:

I wear handknit socks exclusively. Every day. The last time I had a major sock knitting binge was 5 years ago. Although I have been knitting about a pair a month, it really isn't keeping up with the 'sock retirement' that is going on around here!

My plan is to knit these 17 pairs of socks (plus the SOTM club yarns that arrive at my doorstep) before I claim the Sock Era over. Even at my fastest, that is at least 17 weeks - but I'm guessing longer. Plus, I have a few BSE (Before Sock Era) projects I'm still working on... so those will still get some attention.

I think this is going to be fun! I'm going to start culling through my pattern books to decide which socks I want to knit!



wowza - IMO it's a specialized version of the stash/ufo bustalong - it's the sock stash bustalong ;)

No, Tobes didn't call me odd (but then, I was gone), I got something better - I'll blog that in a minute...


I could have sworn I had seen more sock yarn than shown. Pretty ambitious, especially considering you don't have size 5 feet!