Friday, February 16, 2007

Miss Marmalade

Well - here is the UFO that has been hanging over my head for the longest time. The Marmalade Jacket Kit that I bought at MD S&W in 2005! I started knitting this in Dec of 2005, continued on it until May of 2006, and was working on the back - when I stopped knitting. It is a slip stitch pattern, and that means that to knit one row - you actually knit 2. I'm using a size 3 three needle, and it's very slow going.

Problem is, I love this sweater, and I want to finish it very much. So Amanda and I have helped each other along - she is knitting crap she needs to finish but isn't having fun knitting, and I plug along on Marmalade.

She's a nice sweater, no? The other thing that I think helped me in my decision to stop knitting was how the borders are flipping up. I followed the directions exactly, and that is a pretty serious flip up, my friends. My plan is to ignore it for now, and block the shit out of it later.

I will admit to only knitting a few rows last night on this, and spending some more time with my Entrelac bag.... too much fun!



ooh - there she is!

Maybe contact the pattern/kit company re the flip-up? blocking will probably work - I'd just fret about it through the whole sweater ;)


Yep...block like crazy. I'm dying to know who sold you the kit! It's wonderful!


I got this from a co-op just recently. I've been lusting after it, as you know, ever since you bought it at Maryland.

If you, speed knitter extraordinare, are having trouble, I'm worried. I had a moment of thinking that KAL-ing with you would be motivating, but then I remembered that it might not be. ;)

Anyway, I want to know all the problems and difficulties you encounter so I can avoid them. I've been a guinea pig. It's your turn!


Oh, it is just so pretty! Keep going, you can do it! I'm so glad, though, that you refer to MY knitting as "CRAP!" Not sure what to make of that...