Thursday, December 29, 2005


This week is vacation week. So what does that mean in this household? Well, ripping out a bathroom for starters, but also knitting for CECE, watching movies, and reading books. Actually, it's a little slice of heaven.

To reward myself for the hard work (both on all the holiday knitting AND in that bathroom), I'm knitting two very special projects - ones that I've wanted to knit for a long time. First on the list - the Marmalade Jacket. Cate is going to be totally jealous:

It is just as much fun to knit as you would expect. It's slip stitch pattern - so you never have to carry more than one color at a time. I'm actually almost done with that sleeve now - I was up into midnight knitting!

The other project? My pop up gloves out of the Lion and Lamb yarn from Loopy Yarns. Ohhhhh. The yarn is soft and strong and wonderful. The pattern is perfectly written, and easy to follow. I plan on making more than just one pairs of these! One thing I'm going to change from the picture you see here, is that I'm going to make the thumb open like the other fingers. It is too short, so I was going to rip it back anyway - but then I started working on the second one, and figured I might as well try it open-fingered, just to see. I like the feel and fit of that a lot better. If my thumb gets cold, I'll just hold onto it with my warm mitten!

I'm a bit pooped right now, Aaron and I have spent most of the day priming and putting color on the walls in the bathroom - it looks awesome. I've got to go sit down and do some relaxing! Well, and some more knitting on the Marmalade Jacket.



ooh - cate's not the only jealous one re Marmalade!

And hey - why not make a little cover flap for the thumb too :D



The knitting looks wonderful! Yep, hubsters can be mean like that. Why can't they let our artistic expression run free. We know what we are doing! Can't wait to see you new bath digs.


Oh it's adorable, I love the colors and the pattern.


Jealous???? MOI???


It looks gorgeous. One of these days, that kit is going to follow me home, I just know it.


Wow, I want the Blueberry kit now!
Hey, what pop-up pattern are you using???


extremely cool marmalade and glittens/mittoves/glovvens

did you have fun at the s-a-l-e?