Tuesday, May 10, 2005

MD Stash

OK - for all the money I spent, this is all the actual STASH that I acquired. The rest is mugs, slippers (for both me and Aaron) and MD S&W goods.

Here is it! An awesome sweater kit from Shelridge Farms, and some bright orange sparkly yarn from Cherry Tree Hill. I'm knitting up my flame cardi as fast as I can - since knitting the Marmalade cardigan is next on the list!

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Oh I love Shelridge Farms. I have done three of their kits, 2 of the same style kid's Poncho and my Nordic. I love their yarn! Happy Marmalade.
chrisknits, who needs to get back to Flame. Did you see Knitflix's sleeve corrections?


I really do like that sweater kit. Glad you hear you managed to get slippers! Where did you find them afterall?


Gulp, Flame? It's, oh I am sure it's here somewhere? Why, there it is. At the bottom of the knitting bag. Why, it still has the same amount of ribbing it did the last time I looked at it. Obviously the 4 other things I started since I started it have taken my attention away!!!