Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Christmas gifts finished!

Ha. Bet you didn't expect to see that post title in February. But, I'll admit that for whatever reason, I couldn't just sit down and do the knitting on this scarf. It's the Urban Bubble Scarf from Blue Moon Fiber Arts:

The description of this scarf says 'Softly felted Shibori baubles lend an ephemeral air to this frothy scarf'... and it's true! The best way to describe this scarf is 'frothy'! The knitting is boring stockinette, and wrapping up all the little balls took forever. They have you knit a scarf that before felting is 52 inches. Once I did the Shibori, it looked too short to even hang it off my neck... I was pretty nervous it was going to suck. The good news is that after I felted it, and removed the wooden balls - the finished size is about 49 inches! And I think it's cool! Hopefully the recipient does too.

In exciting winter news.... we have snow! Lots of it! I'm working from home in my PJs.



I wish I were at home working instead of here! Less than two months before sock camp, I can hardly wait.


I love the scarf. I've been thinking of buying the kit! Happy snow day! I'm under the covers, with my STR sock knitting,laptop and flowers.