Monday, December 04, 2006


On Saturday, I got to reveal some of my secret knitting! My friend Alane is someone that I met through quilting... a fun woman, with 4 daughters(!) and we meet at her house every few weeks to gossip and sew. She also knits (and does needlepoint and all sorts of other crafty stuff). When I come to her house she always notices my handknits. She is most blown away by my lace knitting. When I got the invite in the mail for her 50th birthday party, I knew exactly what to make for her! The Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style. She loved it so much that she put it on and wore it for the rest of the party!

When people would comment on it - she would point at me and say - "Cece made it for me!" with a big smile on her face. Don't you just love giving presents to people like that?

Pretty much exactly the same as last time, but with a different color. I used size 6 needles, and one skein of Blue Heron Rayon Sparkle. I did 12 repeats of the pattern, instead of 8 called for in the pattern. It was a huge hit! I think I even have one more of these in me - I can't say that for many patterns... I have another picture, but it's at home, I'll add it in later.

I also finished up another Christmas gift - a hat for another quilting bud. I saw this on Ruth's blog the other day, and knew it would be a hit:

The pattern is Fake Isle from Magknits - and I used leftover kueryon (Noro) and Emmanuella (Goddess yarn) and a size 4 needle. Fun to knit - but it's true fairisle - not fake. You need to do stranding and stuff, but I love the way that the noro looks against the black.

I did finish 2 more tablerunners this weekend, one for my mother in law, and one for my house. Not enough to show pictures of, as they are the same as the other one, just longer and in different colors... but cross another 2 things off my list!



OOOOOOHHHHH! Love the fake isle hat! As you know, I am deeply in love with Noro yarn, and love the idea of mixing it with something else in that way! Success!


The hat is gorgeous. I love Noro. I also really like your gansey. Very nice! Shall I use it as your first entry into the contest? :)


that shawl is lovely!


HI Cece...
Just wanted to say "hi" - and that particular hello was inspired by that hat. I. love. that. hat. yes!!! it's the best thing I have seen on this site so far!!!!!!!