Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Tonight, I went to watch Aaron play soccer (his team's indoor soccer team had their first game tonight). Look what I sat down next to:

A little boy knitting! I had to sneak the picture with my cell phone, so I couldn't get his 2 sisters in the picture! They had both learned to knit that weekend from their Aunt - and were really loving it. When he noticed what I was knitting (and wearing) he came over and asked me loads of questions. It was cute.



How cute is that, and out in public too. I taught both my boys to knit when younger, but I don't think they will knit again anytime soon.


Nice! Looks like they're slightly faster learners than the kids I'm teaching at school, too... (we just had our 6th 1 1/2 hour class, and... well... for the most part, it ain't pretty!) Go, kids knitting!


The knitters are conquering the world slowly but surely - wonderful to see!