Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ah well....

I didn't manage to blog from my quilting weekend, and therefore, I didn't get to do the whole 'blog every day in November' thing. Whatever. I was having too much fun to stop quilting (and wine-drinking and singing along to the i-pod)!!!!

We barely left the Inn the entire weekend. And, here is the end result (edited to add pictures!):

I'm not showing the whole thing until I get it back from the machine quilter, but I like it (not love, as I wouldn't put it on any beds in my house, but it's perfect for my mom). It wasn't a difficult quilt - just very big! I think the finished size is 100 inches by 90. Phew. It was the perfect thing to work on while having fun with friends. I also made a fun bag, but I'm going to do a few finishing things before I show it here.

I also did some knitting on the Dulaan sweater - here is the back:

It's getting there - although I have my doubts that this is an 8 year old size as the pattern says. This is fun to knit, because even if it is the wrong size, it doesn't matter - it will get worn by someone.

OK - off to work.



I've said it before and I'll say it again ... you are amazing!


er, what jade said!


Ditto to above two comments. Your Mum will love the quilt, you are so talented. The grey jumper is looking lovely and so warm looking.


Wow, what a feat!! It looks great too!! I am amazed!!!