Monday, November 13, 2006

Life Is Good

Here are pictures of my very fun new bag! I saw the pattern in the quilt store when shopping for fabric for my Mom's quilt... and decided it would be the perfect thing to bring with me to the quilting weekend if I needed a piecing break. I started it on Saturday afternoon, and almost had it finished by 1 AM.

This picture shows the patch that inspired me to do the bag in the first place. The sample in the store had a funky button, but I had bought this patch about 6 months ago, and loved it... but had no idea how I would use it. And then I saw the pattern, and the super fun lining fabric sealed the deal. Plus - the bag is a good size. Not too big, and not too small! Here is the inside, with my cell phone and wallet for scale:

The funniest part of making this bag, was that as I drank more and more wine, the directions (surprisingly) made less and less sense. I was stitching the whole thing together, and turned it right side out... only to learn that I had somehow managed to sew the handles into the lining. It was too funny for words. I decided at that point it was time for bed!

Here is a shot of the whole bag. I decided to make the handles a little longer, and was worried that they were too long... but I like the look:

I'm really pleased with this... and hopefully the patch helps remind me that Life is Good! I'm just realizing that I'm posting more pictures of this bag that took me about 4 hours to make, than I did of the quilt that I spent 20 hours on. I'm a freak.

; )



I love it. Very cute!


Very nice bag. I am glad you are drinking again, I drank on the weekend too. Nice to hear a bit of happy in your posts. I think we often have to remind ourselves that "Life is Good", just sometimes it doesn't seem that way.