Monday, July 25, 2005

Another Work-filled weekend

Well, yet again, I spent the entire weekend working. It sucked. But on the good side of that, I signed up to do production support of the install from Midnight - 8 AM (and by support, they mean to be available when they call, so it isn't as horrible as you may think), which leaves me the rest of the day at home to knit.

And knit I did! I finished the Beaded Shawlette. There is a HUGE mistake - can you see it? I wonder if anyone will notice besides me. I decided, that even though it bothers me that it is wrong, it looks great just the way it is.

blocking bead Posted by Picasa

And a close up of the beads and the pattern:

close up bead Posted by Picasa

This pattern was very well written, and so original! Not very complicated, but such a great finished product!



It looks great, I can't pick the mistake.

Thanks for the needles and wool, it is great, I have no excuse now for not starting my socks.


I can't pick out the so-called "mistake," either. But who cares?...The shawl is positively stunning! I love the shape, the shimmering beads, and especially the color. Good for you for deciding that it's great exactly as it is. Fantastic work.


The shawl is beautiful and so different! I can't see any mistake either. It looks absolutely lovely. Great work.


It's breathtaking, and I can't find the mistake.


Cool stitch pattern. Me no see no evil mistake. :) Beautiful!



I think I see a mistake, it's on your blog and not mine! It should be on mine as if I was showing everyone the lovely "gift" you sent me! It's beautiful!!