Saturday, October 07, 2006

In Vegas!

Well - I may be in Vegas this week (for a conference for work) but I won't abandon you! We got here yesterday, and last night, went to see the show Zoomanity - which was awesome. The conference starts today - so I'll have to start doing some work soon. But not for a few more hours, so I'm sitting on a patio enjoying a view of the pool, and knitting.

Today, let me show you the next projects in my line up! If you remember, last year at this same conference, I pretty much knit my entire Samus sweater. I don't feel like lugging around such a big project, so I'm bringing 3 smaller projects:

Top left is another Opprtuna... this one is for my baby stash. On the top right, the Hanna kit that Susan gave me for my birthday, and finally, a pair of mittens - the Nordic mittens from IK Winter 2004.

Since I took that picture, I've worked a lot on the scarf... what a fun pattern to knit - and easy to remember once you do a few rows. Although, it's taken me about 4 hours of knitting to get an inch done... I'm working it on size 1 needles! My current poolside knitting is the Nordic mittens - I just cast on and am starting the corrugated rib. Since this pattern has a big chart and everything, I'm saving it for the times when I'm sitting on my own passing the time. During the sessions, I'll pull out the baby sweater.

Tomorrow - more news from Vegas, and pictures from the baby shower I went to on Saturday.



Well, I can safely say that you need not be nervous about running out of knitting to do! Enjoy the week!


Hope you get plent done on the projects. MMM vegas was that all night knitting I hear