Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Baby Shower Success

Vegas is still a blast. Went out to dinner at a friend's restaurant (yes, I actually know the owner, in a roundabout way) and the food was AWESOME. Contented sigh.

Here are the pictures from the baby show I went to on Saturday. First, the present opening picture - love the look on her face!

And here is a shot of the whole quilt:

It was a big hit. Turns out, Cheney's friends are all pretty crafty. She got 2 handmade baby sweaters, booties, and 3 other quilts! This baby won't be cold, that is for sure!!

Didn't get too much more knitting done last night - worked on the cuff of the Nordic mitten - I just love the look of the corrugated ribbing. I'm almost to the body of the mitten.

OK - back to work!



The quilt is gorgeous, your friend looks so happy to have recieved it.

Las Vegas must be fun, the closest I get to Vegas is by watching CSI..haha.


Nice quilt. Where do you find the time to get all of these things done.