Friday, March 17, 2006

On the go project gone

Yesterday, I finished that scarf I had mentioned in my list of WIPs... it's from the yarn that Susan gave me for Christmas - and I love it. Henry does too:

Pattern: 2006 Pattern a Day calendar, Friday March 3, Elegant Slipped Stitch Mesh Scarf
Yarn: Collenette, Tagliatelli. colorway Jamboree
Needles: Size 11
Comments - When I got this yarn, I really didn't know what I was going to do with it. This is the yarn that got me nervous that I already had too many scarves. I got over it. And I'm usually not a fan of ribbon yarn - but the way they dyed this yarn made it so much fun to work with! I swear the colors changed every 3 inches from one totally saturated color to the next. The actual pattern I used may not have been the best choice for the yarn as it doesn't really show up in the crazy yarn, but the pattern made me think of my beautiful ribbon yarn, and gave me an idea to knit it - so I just went with it. Final comment is that this pattern tells you to knit the scarf to 48 inches - to me that is pretty short for a 'real' scarf... so I knit mine to 50... Because I wanted to have enough yarn for fringe. And I did.

Still debating on adding the fringe.... I think I will eventually.




Oh, that pup has style! Smooches for the pooches. have a great weekend.


Oh Henry how handsome you look, really you should be directing a movie looking that fabulous!


Henry is an absolute hoot! Does he also wear bandanas, because I just happen to know someone who makes those from time to time;-)

said... have really cute dogs!! that is sweet of him to offer to pose for you :)

ps - now that i know you actually read these comments (why wouldn't you?)...i love leaving them!


Way too cute! My dog would never sit still that long for a picture without looking like we were killing her! Nice job Henry!


He wears colinette!! - I bet you feed him pate, brie and peaches too! ;-)


Oh, that's great!!!
Henry looks quite handsome with the scarf.

Have a great weekend!


Henry is gorgeous! DOes he have any puppies that might need a home?

The scarf is wonderful and I want to know how you got him to pose so well.