Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Fiber Fishy New Year

As I promised, here are most of my knitting related presents from the holiday season. One is missing - because when I got it, it was a kit, and now it is almost an FO! So maybe tomorrow I'll show that one.

Most of the knitting fun came in book form. My MIL (with a little help from a list I gave Aaron) gave me Knitting Over the Edge, and Weekend Knitting. These books both look like a lot of fun (although the tips on how to take a bath in Weekend knitting? I feel sorry for the person who doesn't know how to do that.) Susan gave me a copy of the new Not Just MORE Socks - which I didn't even knew existed. I loved Not Just Socks, so this is a welcome addition to my knitting library. The last book is from Laurie - Hot Knits by Melissa Leapman. I got to check this book out in the class we took with her last moth, and I loved it.

The non book items!? Well Susan obviously knows my color loves. That is one skein of Collinette Point 5 in Red Parrot, and another skein of Collenette - this one Tagliatelli in Jamboree. NO idea yet what these will turn into... maybe a scarf/hat combo? The last - a bag that Laurie picked up on the cruise she just took. A fish bag! Gotta love it - and the fact that without knowing - the fishes on the bag look just like the one in my tattoo!

Thanks! I'm so excited to play with it all!



Very nice gifts!


Ok, where is the pic of your tattoo? Maybe we need a "Show your Tattoo" day again.


Jeepers, an FO this early in the year - are you cracked??? LOL. Don't stress yourself over the package .. I knew when things cooled off you take care of it. Thanks again!


Oh I love that book Hot Knits, she has such great patterns. One of these days I'll actually be a size they'll look fabulous on.

Great presents, your very fortunate.