Thursday, January 26, 2006

A few things I love about blogging

The first, is when you get a picture in your e-mail of someone wearing something you made for them! Here is my Trade buddy's daughter, wearing the Roundtrip sweater I made her. Heather actually made me laugh out loud when I read her comment 'Can't wait to see you model it' - and here is why: You see know why Heather is so funny? Yep - that gal is maybe a size 2.... and I'm a size, well, NOT 2. I think it looks like a fun sweater though!

Second - getting a totally unexpected phone call from a blog buddy. Amysue and I comment on each others blogs often - but yesterday - she just gave me a call! It was a fun break from work to be sitting and chatting with a knitting pal. We commiserated about insensitive family members, and made a date to get together to knit during the Knitting Olympics (a date which I have to change - I'll let you know, Amysue!)

Which, then got me thinking my design for the Knitting Olympics! I need to work out the chart for the Gansey Pattern - but I'm at work, I don't have knitting graph paper and I couldn't remember the name of the yarn I was planning on using. Well, I goggled knitting graph paper, and found this link on this blog. I then trolled through my own archives, and found my post about when I bought the yarn. Which gave me the name, (Harrisville Design Orchid) at which point I goggled THAT, and found the gauge. Perfect. I'm sitting here with graph paper in hand, happily filling in the little squares, plotting my design.

Love it.



Thank you for the lovely comments! I do enjoy reading everyone's thoughts. Thanks for the A!!
Love the Trade sweater on, you are right, real live models make a difference.
How's the bath redo? Any pictures of the tile?


Hello there! The trade sweater looks great on her! Thanks for stopping over to my blog ;-).


Don't you just love the internet! I"ve done that so many times, printed out graph paper, googled stuff, and have come up with exactly waht I needed fairly soon to when I needed it.


You are so funny! I love the sweater the colors are just gorgeous. And, I'm not a size 2 either. Wait, maybe my toe is. Yea, my toe! LOL


You are very funny my dear friend. I did go out and set up a blog, goodness knows if I can keep it updated! Maybe I can get that pattern for you when I get home from Chicago!


Hi CeeCee it's Stephanie, Sherryls Daughter. I am definantly not a size two!! more like size eleven! :)

thank you for the sweater