Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Back to the Knitting

Well, things have been rather heavy around this blog lately - let's get back to the knitting shall, we?

First - an update on Grandma's sweater. I've finished the left front, and making a lot of progress on the sleeves! I think I'll be able to hit my deadline of Feb 12th (need shipping time to get it there for her birthday). Here are the pieces so far:

But, while on Nantucket, I got to see one of my favorite of Aaron's cousins - and she was wearing a FABULOUS (store-bought) shrug. I was telling her how great it was - and she said she wore it just to show me, and could I make her one (or two or three)? Ha! No way - but I did tell her that there was one pattern only only she could pull off - Bobbilcious from Knitty. Last night I needed a break from Grandma's sweater, and I got started: This gal is so fun and funky that she will TOTALLY be able to pull this off - and I'm getting some stuff from her company in trade. Sweet.



Man, you are like lightning! It's all looking great. Hope things brighten up for you guys.


I just want to come watch you knit, I bet you can't even see the needles - WOW. Everything looks great!


Bobbles!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! (runs screaming for the hills)

(I have a little bobble issue)


You are some speedy knitter Cece. I loved Bobbilicious but didn't like the you think she could be done in the round?


Such nice bright colours and textures!