Monday, October 24, 2005

62 days.

I was over reading the Yarn Harlot's blog. She made the point that Christmas is in 62 days.

In general, I am not one to freak out over Christmas knitting. I don't like to put unnecessary pressure on myself by deciding to do any Christmas knitting. Well, then this year came.

Remember the two trades that I have lined up? One is from JUNE to make a sweater for my friend Sherryl who, in turn, is going to crochet me a blanket. And then the latest, with my mother in law, means I need to get another sweater done by New Year's. The good news is that these sweaters are for little people. They aren't "Cece-sized" - so the amount of knitting isn't as huge as normal - but that is still 2 sweaters in a little over two months. Two sweaters that I haven't started yet.

Let's do the math. Between now and Christmas, there are 62 days. In those 62 days, let's say there is an average to 3 hours per day to knit. That is 186 hours. I'm going to guess that a sweater takes maybe, on average (cause these are smaller sweaters), 60 hours to make. It seems doable? Right?

Except you know that I will be distracted. I still have the Samus sweater to finish (but I'm almost done with the last sleeve - and then just the attached i-cord is left). And, after doing some cleaning of the yarn room (more to report on that later) I'm itching to reuse so yarn I had forgotten about. We'll see, but the freak out level maybe increasing. Fast.



What about your class project. There is no mention of that.


so sorry to say, but I'm so glad I'm not you! But you can do it, I have confidence in you, and if they aren't finished, give them half sweaters with the promise of the other half soon. :-)