Friday, October 21, 2005


Here are the pictures I promised! The first is a hat out of Cascade, with a pattern from Woolen Collectibles called "Crossroads hat". It's turned out to be just the right size (not to small and not too big). I started this on the drive to Rhinebeck, and finished it on the drive to my mother-in-laws. It's the first of many - finishing this hat get's my hat count up to 2. That isn't enough to get me through a New England winter... the hat knitting continues.

And here is a picture of my first sleeve for Samus. This pattern is so much fun! I can't believe I've only been working on this sweater for under 2 weeks. I must truly be a sockinette avenger. I do like the difficult and/or fiddely patterns to keep my mind occupied - but for those brainless knitting moments - there really isn't anything better than a bit of straight knitting and purling... of course if that is all you do for a week (like at the conference) - it gets a bit tiresome. But at home, when you have a stressful week? Perfect way to unwind.

Oh - and TGIF, huh? This week has been so busy - I'm ready for the weekend, that is for sure.



The Samus sleeve is looking great, I'm thinking I might break off from knitting LUsh, and knit Samus in some hand-paint yarn I have lurking in my stash. For some reason, even though I love the way lush feels, I'd like to knit it in a smaller size to make sure I have enough yarn, but to do that I need to lose weight, and I'm in a whole viscious mental cycle right now. Anyway, Samus is looking great.


Cute hat! Samus is progressing well I see. Looks great!