Thursday, October 27, 2005


Well, nothing liking eeking in at the end of the month! Here are my new Bright Socks, started at the tail-end of October. In the picture, I tried to show off the one and only tree in my back yard that is showing any color (sigh). I bought this yarn (Regia Nation Color, 5399) at The Fiber Loft - actually a friend pointed it out to me - "Cece! This yarn is for YOU!" - she yelled from across the room. After the weeks of rain and grey skies, and adding in some frustration I'm going through in the finishing of Samus, I decided that even though this is the newest yarn in my sock stash, it needed to come out. And be just a plain old, no thought required, K2P2 ribbed sock. Notice how there are 2 socks on those rather long needles. I'm making these using the Magic Loop Method, and was convinced to do two at a time, by the ever persuasive Laurie.

In non-knitting news, I went to the mall last night, and used my Gift Card. I got the plain black pea coat that I had previously mentioned (to show off my colorful scarves), and it was on sale, 40% off! How great is that? I then went and bought new bras. It is just me, or is buying new, non-stretched out, good fitting bras one of the most satisfying clothing purchases? Maybe that is TMI.



I'm seriously jealous that is your back yard, we have a lot of trees 13, but my goodness, you have a forest. Our trees are changing yet either, I think the whole nation is messed up in it's season cycle.


You are tooo funny. Yes it was TMI, but something only women can understand! I guess for guys it's a jock strap?


When you find a good bra, it's satisfying, but I detest bra shopping!


The coat was on sale?! You are sooooo lucky.

Socks are looking good - the colors are so necessary with all the gray this past month.