Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Trade is ON

This goes into the files of 'sometime good stuff comes out of bad'. One Saturday, when I was on the phone for TWELVE HOURS (bitter? me? no.)with work, I started IMing with one of my co-workers. It went something like this:

Sherryl: We should bring in a deck of cards for when we were sitting around waiting for the system to come up.
Me: Hell no! I bring my knitting
Sherryl: You knit? I crochet!

And thus, this trade was born.

I love to knit. I would never in a million years knit myself an afghan. It just isn't going to happen. The baby blanket was torture...I can't imagine knitting a decent sized afgan. Sherryl is not a knitter - but desperately wants a hand knitted sweater. So - we are trading! I'm knitting her the sweater in the picture below, and she is crocheting me the afghan.

trade Posted by Hello

I'm really excited. The deadline for completion is Christmas (because Mama didn't raise no dummy) - I can't wait!

In other news, you may notice that I'm in a cheery mood again. It is about 80% due to the fact that tomorrow is my last day at work until July 5th. Yep - I'm taking 2 days off to go to Maine with my Butterfly Girls - and then back on Friday for a long weekend with the hubby! I CAN NOT WAIT!

20% of the happiness is due to the fact that I finished the main body pieces of the Flame Cardi, and did a three needle bind off to put the shoulders together - and I tried it on. It fits. PERFECTLY. Now that I am brave enough to think 'outside the pattern' (thanks in a huge part to the Ethnic Knitting class) I'm going to have sweaters that fit right! Awesome.



awesome awesome trade!!!
where's that sweater pattern from???

have a great weekend -