Tuesday, September 15, 2009

THE sweater

About 3 years ago, when I was in the throes of fertility treatments, I was visiting my mother. We were at the cabin, and made a day trip to Lenox. Mom wanted a blue sweater - she was going to buy the yarn, I was going to knit it. So we went to Colorful Stitches. I distinctly remember seeing this little baby hat and sweater set, and having my heart ache a little. I was kind of at the point where I wasn't sure we'd have a baby. It was a crappy time.

Once I got pregnant, I would think back to that sweater set, and I just couldn't remember the name of the pattern. I even went back to the store - but it wasn't on display again. But Saturday last week I was at The Woolpack, and I was sitting down and flipping through their stash of Minnowknits patterns while the Fishling crawled around the store (ask me if I thought that would be happening 3 years ago?). And I found it. THE baby sweater. It's Green Bean by minnowknits - and I don't know what it is that makes it seem so perfect to me... but I love it.

The color in this crappy iPhone picture is off - it's a wonderful green. I'm using Comfort worsted weight by Berroco.

Hurrah for awesome baby sweaters! And it's going to look so cute on the Fishling with his red hair. AND the matching hat has i-cord ties... so maybe it has a chance at staying on. Maybe.



can't wait to see the finished products on the fishling!


It looks great!

Oh and have you seen this Amy Butler pattern for minkie snuggies for newborns?



Sweater will be pretty with all those waves. Your keyboard looks almost purple!