Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lots and lots of knitting. Minimal Blogging.

I have time for limited things - playing with and caring for a sweet baby boy. Working full time. Gestating two MORE babies. Caring for house and home. Knitting in stolen minutes. Blogging about my pregnancy/the Fishling over here.

I really owe you guys pictures and reports of knitting! I quickly finished a Traveling Woman Shawl for a friend's 50th birthday using some STR - and I want to make another for myself. What a fun pattern! But trying to block lace? At 30 weeks pregnant with twins? Bending over is not often an option. I'm planning on roping in Aaron to assist - but haven't tried yet - thankfully the birthday party isn't until the 17th!

I've made one baby girl sweater, and 2 hats and a sweater for the Fishling. And I have another in process for the big guy. Capturing hand knits on a baby who only wants to MOVE is really difficult.

So that will be my goal this week/weekend - get some pictures of all the new stuff and show it off! Because it's all super cute.



It's okay, we'll still be here when you get back.


Good luck with all that you have to do.