Friday, September 11, 2009

New Hat

The Fishling's got a new hat. I figured I would 'wing' it with the pattern - I was getting 8 sts to the inch, and his head is 18 inches around... so I cast on 140 sts and knit and knit. I did about 2 inches of 2X2 ribbing and 5 inches of body (so I could fold over the ribbing or put it over his ears). But then at the end, I followed The Yarn Harlot's advice, and started decreasing every 8 sts, then 7 then 6... and I'm not sure if I like the top. It's not as smooth as I was envisioning.

It's cute nonetheless!

Or is it the baby that is cute? I can never decide. I used Ty-Dy sock yarn, and I really liked it! Nice and soft and I have a huge amount left. I'm considering mittens to match.
The Fishling has a new 'word' - he says 'Uh oh'! And I've learned that it is said a lot when I try to actually get him to WEAR the hat. I put it on, he pulls it off and says 'Uh oh!'.
Now that I've learned how to make a decent hat, I need to learn how to keep a hat on a baby. Double stick tape perhaps?



A pair of I-cord ties would keep that puppy on.


I was going to say, baby chullo, double-tied!

Babies are hat escape artists!
There's a great free generic earflap hat pattern: search on 'earflap hat pattern generator' on Ravelry (or probably Google, too, I'm sure). It's lined, even, and a quick knit. I just made one for my daughter, who's a bit bigger.

I used my usual hat decreases, though, which are in my 'Grow-With-Me Baby Hat' pattern (also on Rav or Google) -- it gives a nice rounded top that I like, not bunchy and not pointed. Basically, start with a number divisible by 6 (otherwise, you can fudge the decreases on the first round to be less than 6 to get to such a number). You are going to decrease at the end of every section of 6. So if you have, say 138 stitches (argh!), 138 divided by 6 is 23. You would knit 21, k 2tog, repeat 5 times. Then k 1 row plain. Then k20, k2 tog, around. K 1 round. Then k19, get the picture. Repeat the above, alternating decrease and plain rounds *until* you have approximately half the original number of stitches on the needles, or a bit fewer if it doesn't come out even. Then decrease as above, but every round, no plain rounds. You will end up, after a round in which you k2tog six times, with 6 st on the needle; break the yarn, thread it through the stitches (twice if you want, weave in and done. It is by far my favorite hat top, I love it very much. The hat I made for the Fishling, which he's no doubt outgrown at this point, would have used this top, so you can look at it (try that hat on him now though, just for kicks, despite his hugeness. My friend's baby wore his until he was 2!)

Anyway, just sayin'. He is an adorable escape artist.


Yep, some type of ties would maybe keep it on. they are great escape artists these young ones. Double sided tape may be the only way to go. He is so gorgeous, hasn't he grown.