Thursday, January 08, 2009

Baby knitwear parade continues

The Fishling got an awesome hand knit present in the mail yesterday (thanks Cathy, and I'm still obviously post-partum - the card made me cry). I don't have a picture of those items - as the weather here sucks and I can't get a decent picture with the flash. But! Do not fear! I have my Main Man modeling a few of the things that I knit him.

Remember My Precious? The sweater that was so much fun to knit? I'm happy to report that it is also super cute on a baby:

Today we went to our first 'mommy group' (side note - some of those women are a wee bit crazy) - so he had to look cool. I realized that the rollneck sweater hadn't been worn yet.
Of course, it was way too hot in the store to wear the sweater for more than 2 minutes, but I did get a picture of him wearing it!



He looks so big and grown-up in the red sweater! And uber-cute in "My Precious". (Of course.)

Please tell me the hat fit Mr. Twelve Pounds.....

At least he won't outgrow the other thing in the box! (Well, at least not quickly.)


omg, the amount of cuteness in the red sweater picture is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!!!


Love both sweaters - but he looks too cool (and cute) in the red one!


Congratulations Cece! Your little fishling is precious! I just saw your picture in my ravely friends list and I thought--hey she must have had the baby by now!

He is gorgeous! Are you going to sock camp this year? Probably not huh... So much to do with a wee little one:)