Friday, January 16, 2009


Proof of two things.

1: That the awesome hat that Cathy-Cate knit for the Fishling fits perfectly:
It's the only hat he wears now, FYI!

2: That I still knit:
This is the sweater I'm making for the little guy - why I ever chose to knit a complicated (by complicated I mean that there are two charts that have different row counts. I hate that) sweater on size 1 needles with fingering weight yarn is beyond me. The pattern is from Inspired Cable Knits, "Ripples in Time" - I think it's looks great. Kind of wish I'd started it BEFORE I actually had the baby...But - I've finished the back and am almost done with the arms. There is hope that he will wear this one.



I'm beginning to think you might be superwoman. How do you find time to knit??? Since Jillian was born, I haven't even managed to finish a pair of socks.


I love that you're dressing him in bold colors. Pastel can be so boring!


LOL! Well, I guess you certainly were inspired, Cece! Besides, you are such Mega-Quick knitter that you will definitely have that done for him to wear! Looks great!


I think I mentioned this before....
but he looks SO CUTE in that hat!
And he *will* look cute in the sweater when it's done....I am extremely impressed that you're somehow squeezing in time to knit cables. (Hate those different row counts too. Great potential for getting off, especially with a cute little distraction and a certain amount of sleep deprivation....)
Keep up the good work!