Sunday, January 04, 2009

I finished something!!!!


I thought it would never happen again, but I have finally got things on the baby front decently under control... so I've been able to knit a bit. Not like the old, pre-baby days, but I finished those socks for my friend with the size 12 feet (baby included for scale):

And since the baby wasn't super cute in the 'for scale' picture - another not so great picture of the socks, but cute one of my son:
I have obviously not lost my blogging mojo, because I've managed to save the ball band to report on the yarn! I started these in October! Damn, I rock. I used Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multiringle, in color 5040 - and size 0 needles. I just did a vanilla sock pattern with 64 stitches (Darrin has long skinny feet). He put them on and said - 'Hey! Socks that fit!' So obviously he needs to be in my hand knit sock rotation.



Il Bambino is so adorable, look at those cheeks. You must have had an incredible time with him over the holidays. Such joy! Glad you're knitting FOs again.


Very nice socks! And the baby is too cute - love the booties!


Not sure which is cuter. The socks or Fiberling.