Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thrummin' along

Well. Last year, when Lucia convinced me to go to SPA - I then convinced my mother to join me. We walked around the marketplace, and she saw a pair of thrummed mittens. She fell in love. Mom has a tendency to very cold hands - where as my hands would SWEAT OFF if I wore thrummed mittens. Like the good daughter I am, I promised to knit her a pair. She even bought a kit (from Spunky Eclectic). I began knitting these last week.

Hey - at least I'm finishing them before it's officially winter!

They came out pretty great:
I really like the spiral design that Amy's pattern has - and of course - her dye job is awesome. But for me? The inside is much more fun!

Monster Mittens! ROAR!

The weather here is crazy cold - it's been below 30 degrees all week. I'm feeling bad that my mother doesn't have these for her daily walks with her dog - so they will be her Thanksgiving present when she comes on Weds.



Holy fuzzy! I have never seen that kind of mittens. Glad you put up a picture... if I ever tried to make them I'd be sure that I did it wrong!