Thursday, November 20, 2008

10 on Tuesday (but on Thursday instead)

The knitting I'm doing right now is non-bloggable - since it's surprise knitting for people that I know read this blog. But as I was weeding though my backlog of blogs, and saw this 10 on Tuesday - 10 Things that I'm Thankful for, and since I'm all pregnant and mushy - wanted to throw up my list.

1. My family. Sure - my core family, Aaron and the FiberFishling - but also for the rest of them. We may be crazy, and we may have our issues - but I know that I've got a great support network when I really need it. Lots of love goes along with the lots of crazy.
2. The fact that I was able to get pregnant with my little FiberFishling. It took 3 years and a lot of crap - but we did it. I know many others who are still waiting for their turn, and I acknowledge how lucky I am.
3. My friends. I've got an awesome group of gals that I feel SO lucky that I found. It's amazing when you realize the group of random events that brings people together!
4. My job. Sure - it's frustrating at times, but I have a very understanding boss, a flexible work situation, and the actual work is something I'm good at. In this economy - I realize how rare it is that I am to be able to say all of this!
5. My health. I have been fortunate to be able to stay really healthy throughout the past 4 years - which is saying a lot considering the medical procedures and stress I've been under.
6. My hobbies. Keeping my hands and mind active is SUCH a life saver to me. I love that I can produce all this fun stuff and am proud to show it off. And the friends I've mentioned in #3... I have met pretty much all of them through a shared love of knitting, sewing or quilting.
7. My education. This was my mom's #1 priority when I was growing up - and it's served me so well. I was fortunate enough to go to some pretty amazing schools, and thing things I've learned were more than just from books.
8. I'm really thankful that the political arena is leaning the way it's going. I don't usually talk about things like this on the blog, but I have to admit to crying (in a good way) when I learned that Obama won the presidency. I think it's really great for the nation - at a minimum that it appears to me that our country has shifted from being cynical and angry to hopeful.
9. I'm thankful that I have a wonderful house and that my husband is so great with home repairs that he has been able to do some pretty amazing renovations to our house that we otherwise couldn't have afforded. The standard colonial house that we bought has really become a home with all the work he has done.
10. I'm thankful that soon, I'm going to know if the FiberFishling is a girl or a boy -and the baby knitting can restart in a gender specific way! Hurrah! 15 days until my due date!!!