Monday, September 15, 2008


Today, my SIL visited from Portland ,OR. She brought with her a bunch of the sweaters that I had knitted her children over the years:

That bright blue one I'm excited to have back! I was planning on knitting another for this baby. Next to it is a snowman sweater - I had actually planned (10+ years ago) on knitting 2 of those for my twin nieces.... ha. ha. ha. I'd never done intarsia before and let's say it was a bit of a nightmare. The felted jacket is pretty 'girly' but I have a friend on the street who is due the week before me with a girl - I'll send that her way of I have a boy. And the orange? That is a Trellis sweater... and I already made one for this baby! Guess I liked that one too!

I'm in the middle of completing my 'vision' for my knitting entry in my local fair. I'm a bit obsessed with it, actually. You are all shocked, I'm sure.



How sweet! Your SIL is a keeper.

About girly knits... there's a post up on one of my favorite lefty blogs about boy vs. girl baby clothes and the social messages contained therein. All of it true and a bit disturbing, and all of it I will cheerfully throw over the side and admit that I'd rather knit for baby girls too. Does this mean I have to turn in my feminist card?


That's great! You didn't know you was knitting for your baby did you?

I like the blue one as well.