Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Vision, Part One

So - my vision for my knitting entry into the town fair is a '3 parter'. I don't want to disclose the FULL vision until the entry date is over.... you know.... since I want to WIN. But I can't resist sharing a cute baby sweater:

Pattern: Presto Chango from Jimmy Beans Wool (free pattern), 6 month size

Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus

I love this sweater! It's a really neat idea too - the front panel is buttoned on, so you could make numerous fronts, and if the baby spit up on on it - no need to change the whole sweater- just throw a new front panel on! And you could do different patterned panels too - I was thinking of making a cabled one also. But I love this one as is.

When I looked at different versions of this on Ravelry, I noticed that the ones I liked the best had buttons you barely noticed - so I was psyched to find these that seem to me to be a perfect match.



Wow! That was fast!

Looks wonderful!


...can't wait to see the little one in that cute sweater!!


That is a clever idea!!!